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Unafraid: Living with Courage and Hope in Uncertain Times

By Adam Hamilton.

Summer Bible Study Series

All sessions meet in the Prayer Meeting room of the church from 7:00 until 8:00 every Wednesday night (except the 4th of July) throughout the summer.

The study is free and open to teenagers and adults.

June 6                        Afraid/ Anatomy of Fear                                                     pp3-18

June 13                     Paralyzed by Fear a Mile from the Promised Land                 pp19-28

June 20                     Facing Your Fears                                                                pp29-42

June 27                     We Need a Security System                                                   pp43-54

July 11                       Weaponizing Fear                                                                pp55-73

July 18                       The Sky is Falling!                                                               pp 74-84

July 25                       But What if I Fail? / Desperate to Please                               pp85-103

August 1                    Meaningless                                                                        pp104-114

August 8                    Alone and Unloved                                                              pp115-132

August 15                  A Dystopian Future/We Never Did it That Way                     pp133-149

August 22                  FOMO/I Could Buy Me a Boat                                              pp150-172

August 29                  I Don’t Want to Grow Old/Anxiety and Physical Illness        pp173-207

September 5             I’m Not Ready to Die/Living with Fear, Yet Unafraid              pp 208-236