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Sunday Morning Bible Study Groups


As is common in the Baptist faith, University Baptist Church offers Sunday morning Bible Study for all ages -- from pre-school through senior adults.  We also offer a nursery and child care for parents with very young children.  All classes begin at 10:00 a.m. and conclude at 10:45 a.m.

                                                           SPRING BIBLE STUDY 

     "Alive to Life!"


Intergenerational Lenten Emphasis
Beginning March 10, the frist Sunday of Lent, everyone is invited to participate in Alive to Life!
The seven-week emphasis focuses on having a more abundant life in Christ. Lenten kits are
available which include a workbook with Scripture, writings from spiritual leaders, letters,
poetry, songs & hymns, prayers, coloring pages for children, movie tie-ins for youth,
YouTube links, indoor and outdoor activities, and components for a sacred space setup at

The intention of the Intergenerational Lenten Emphasis is to become aware of and cultivate
the life God calls us to have -- to be alive to this abundant life so that we may be filled up
to the fullness of God!

LENT 1 - Saying "YES" to the Mystery of Life

LENT 2 - Communing with All That Is

LENT 3 - Radiating Gratitude

LENT 4 - Enliving Others: Differing Gifts of Healing and Serving

LENT 5 - Refusing Evil's Lure

LENT 6 - Releasing Shame, Guilt & Fear and Granting Forgiveness

LENT 7 - Turning Mourning into Joy



This class welcomes adults of all ages who wish to explore the scriptures.
This spring, the class will be studying...
     March: "Striving for Holiness"
     April: "The Cross and the Resurrection"


This class welcomes adults of all ages who want to spend more time
studying the text that will be preached in worship.

This class will be studying...
     March: "Call to Discipleship"
     April: "Call to Ministry"
     May: "The Spread of the Gospel"

This group of college students and young adults in the beginning of
their careers will study Ten Verses that Can Bring New Life.


Middle Schoolers and Senior High will assist with the CHILDREN'S FABULOUS SUNDAYS
on March 17, April 14 and May 19. 



    Teachers: Sherry Fletcher, Rowan Burke

These children will study Jesus' teachings, stories Jesus told and the people Jesus met.


     Teacher: Sheila Laidlaw
The toddlers and preschoolers discover God’s world, friendship, and Jesus.


NOTE: Preschoolers through First Graders will have an extended Bible story time during worship while they are in Extended Session!



      ***3 Fabulous Sunday Mornings in the SPRING!***
March 17: "Saints, Angels and Loved Ones in Heaven"

April 14 (Palm Sunday): "Holy Week"

May 19: "And God saw that it was good" (The Goodness of Creation)


These CHILDREN'S FABULOUS SUNDAYS begin at 10 AM each Sunday in the Prayer Meeting Room.
The two-hour schedule includes music, crafts, worship, Bible study, recreation and snacks!